April 2017 Changes to IR35

Following the changes to intermediaries legislation known as IR35, Abbot Accounting has expanded its operations to include a Payroll Umbrella Company. Abbot Payroll Solutions Limited is our arm that provides umbrella company services to Contractors, Healthcare professionals, Agency workers and freelancers.

IR35 is the UK anti avoidance tax legislation designed to tax “ off payroll worker s” in the same way as an employee. From April 2017, HMRC has made it the responsibility of the public sector authority engaging a worker through a Personal Service Companies (PSC), to determine whether IR35 rules apply. Where this is the case, the worker’s income from contract will be taxed as employment income. This will be deducted from their income and paid over to HMRC. This applies to payments made on or after 6 April 2017.

What to do next?
Abbot Payroll Solutions is here for you. With our several years experience in providing first class Payroll Bureau Services to our high quality clients, we are confident that the same level of service and expertise will be transferred to our Payroll Umbrella Company, Abbot Payroll Solutions Ltd. We ensure you will reclaim all your allowable business expenses. We deal with each claim on a case by case basis and don’t have a blanket rule on expenses.

When you choose our Umbrella Solution, you will also have access to our Accountancy and Business Advisory Services. In addition we will:

Liaise with your agency and make sure there are no breaks in your pay
Advise you on whether or not to close your Limited Company.
Close down your existing Limited Company for FREE where necessary.
Provide you with “Top Class” Payroll Umbrella customer service